TuffSkin saves Hotel $1M over 10 years by rethinking countertop maintenance


TuffSkin saves Hotel $1M over 10 years by rethinking countertop maintenance

Stone laminate provides more cost-effective protection than in-house restoration 

LAS VEGAS — Hotel countertops take plenty of abuse: Coffee rings, wine spills and increased in-room dining due to COVID-19 are all hard on natural stone, and no luxury property wants to provide a poor guest experience by offering a room with stained countertops.

TuffSkin Surface Protection recently identified a way to save one-such hotel $1 million over 10 years by using TuffSkin’s stone laminate to protect the white natural stone countertops in its guestrooms instead of in-house restoration.

After evaluating the property, TuffSkin found that for every 50 square feet of natural stone countertop, it would cost the company $600 every time it wanted to have its countertops restored by a professional. 

Doing this maintenance once a year for 10 years would cost $6,000 for a single room. 

With 200 rooms, the hotel would be looking at around $1,200,000 in overall countertop maintenance costs over 10 years — not including the cost of taking rooms out of service during the process. 

TuffSkin’s 10-year guarantee against etching and staining has been saving the hotel industry in labor and maintenance costs for over a decade. 

Whether aligning with interior designers during the building process or working with Engineering once the property is in operation, TuffSkin has provided a method to easily reduce the cost of stone maintenance.

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TuffSkin is a proprietary stone laminate made from high-tech polyester that’s gas-permeable but liquid impermeable. TuffSkin’s adhesive is designed specifically to work with stone, and TuffSkin’s hard coat technology resists scratching, providing a long product life. 

TuffSkin Owner Lelia Friedlander and Principal Frank Friedlander have decades of experience in the protective film business. They developed TuffSkin in 2007 and have refined it into the best marble protection product on the market. 

TuffSkin is manufactured through an exclusive contract with an ISO 9000 manufacturer in the USA. The Friedlanders have built a worldwide installation network to ensure quality installations everywhere. With this innovative thin-film technology, they solve the age-old problem dating back to the Roman Empire: If Caesar knew about TuffSkin, he’d buy it too.