Jonathan Tomko
Jonathan Tomko
Kyle with TuffSkin helped us find a local restoration company to get some terrible etching out first. Then he installed the TuffSkin product. The results are breathtaking. We thought our marble countertops were permanently damaged, but now they are restored and protected for years to come. All this at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Thank you TuffSkin!
Cosmo Barbato
Cosmo Barbato
The staff is friendly and customer service 5 stars. We had to reschedule a few times due to other trades not being complete on time. Tuff Skin was extremely accommodating with us. On the day of the install, they come on time and were in and out within 2 hours. No issues and everything went smooth. Easy-peasy as it should be.
Reina Hohener
Reina Hohener
I absolutely love my TuffSkin! Not only can my kitchen still look beautiful, day-after-day, but I can actually USE it cooking meals, getting messy with craft projects and entertaining friends. I’ve been very pleased with the whole process, from getting a quote to having it installed. The TuffSkin team has been super helpful and informative every step of the way, offering a guarantee that made this an even easier decision. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to be able to have unique, stand out stone countertops and not worry about the damage that could happen at any given second in the kitchen.
Kara Maas
Kara Maas
LOVE Tuffskin. I have used Tuffskin on a number of marble countertops in a commercial setting and have a wonderful experience with them - from the initial contact and setting up a measure to the final installation. They are professional! And the product is amazing.
Jesse Ferrell
Jesse Ferrell
TuffSkin came into our home and business to apply their awesome TuffSkin magic to our surfaces. Wow! Can you say game changer? Their application and follow up was and is FLAWLESS! I recommend their high level of professionalism along with quality and care!
Samantha Lopez
Samantha Lopez
Kate and the rest of the team were incredibly knowledgeable and made the process very easy and fun! It's been over a year since my Tuffskin application and my counters are flawless. I would highly recommend this product!
Shelby Danielle
Shelby Danielle
Tuffskin has saved my counter tops. I have multiple homes and will always use Tuffskin to protect my marble. Can’t beat the customer service as well - the entire team is incredible… I recommend them to everyone!

OCD has disappeared!

When I first installed my white marble counters everyone said I would be sorry because they would be ruined in a month. Well, I had my counters about two weeks and came down with a sudden case of OCD. I had placemats everywhere. Under the toaster, coffee maker, etc. I would have people over and was right behind them making sure any spill would immediately get cleaned up. At one of my gatherings a designer friend of mine saw my frantic cleaning state and said her client had just put Tuffskin on their marble and loved it. I called you the next day and out you came. You were so knowledgeable and kind and explained every detail to me. The quote was sent to me and was reasonable and an appointment was scheduled quickly. The installation was quick and painless. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the protection. You cannot even tell I have a covering on my marble and all my guest compliment how good my counters look. I have a busy household with kids and guests all the time and my OCD has disappeared. My counters have had water and citrus and wine spilled on them and I never worry even if it stays for a bit. What an amazing product this is. I have and will continue to recommend Tuffskin to anyone I know who is getting a kitchen remodel or looking for a product to protect their marble. Thank you again.

Jennifer A.
Residential Customer

The counters still look amazing

I had Tuffskin installed on my Carrera marble counters a week after the counters went in. I loved the look of marble but couldn’t accept the inevitable stains and etching. The counters are a honed finish so I opted for the satin Tuffskin. It’s been on for 10 months and I couldn’t be happier. They perform exactly as promised. The film has some scratches from places I did not follow directions, but I’m ok with it. I am very hard on the counters and I cook a lot. Overall, the counters still look amazing. Highly recommend Tuffskin if you love the look of marble, but don’t like the etching and stains that go with it. I also have three friends/neighbors that also had it installed and we’re all happy. The funniest part of the story is that I had it installed while my husband was out of town. He didn’t even notice. I didn’t say anything and a couple days later he asked if I was still thinking about getting the Tuffskin. I had to tell him it was already on the counters!

Valerie D.
Residential Customer

TuffSkin was an affordable alternative to worry

It’s been almost a week since your crew installed your fabulous treatment on my quartz countertop and I wanted to take a moment to follow up and let you know how much I love your product. We’ve all heard about how the quartz is the ‘bulletproof’ countertop option and that supposedly nothing can harm it. While it does not need to be sealed and 99% of what goes on the counter wipes off the counter, us folks with very light or white tops can tell you that if you leave red wine sitting on the quartz for even an hour there is a very good chance that the acids in the wine will penetrate the quartz and leave a stain that can only be removed with a special poultice. I know, because that’s EXACTLY what happened to my top a few weeks ago when I had some friends over and a small amount of wine was dripped on the top and I didn’t wipe it off until an hour and a half later…luckily the spot was VERY small and now I’m pretty much the only one who knows that its there….but had the spill been larger, it could have caused a way worse scenario. Rather than be paranoid about policing the activities of guests when I have gatherings, I decided that TuffSkin was an affordable alternative to worry. Gordon and Meghan installed the protective layer on my island and immediately you could see it gave the top a more polished, rich look. They were done in less than an hour (mind you it was just my island) but they worked clean, and were happy with the job they were doing. I”m extremely pleased with my purchase. It was worth every penny, and it can give folks like myself that entertain peace of mind when it comes to red wines and red acidic based foods (I’m talking about you, tomatoes!). Thank you again.

Michael T.
Residential Customer

I am a happy girl!

Just had TuffSkin installed on my marble dining room table… WOW… now we can actually use it without worrying about etching and stains. Everyone’s so helpful and informative… great experience… amazing company with an amazing product… I am a happy girl!!

Anna D.
Residential Customer

Westlake Village Four Seasons

Thank you for ALL your help on this project. TuffSkin has been so accommodating and a pleasure to work with.

Una Dow
Senior Project Manager

Reliable People with Integrity

I love working with people I can rely on, and TuffSkin staff are definitely reliable as well as the product,” she added. “It is important to work with reliable people with integrity.

Lisa Escobar
Interior Designer

Applying the ‘Enhancement’

Tony did an “OUTSTANDING” Job of applying the Enhancement ~ TuffSkin to the marble counter marble tops we LOVE. Also, Tony is a fine human being that is an asset to your great company and to the WORLD!

Residential Customer

To Any Potential Customer of TuffSkin

We had TuffSkin installed on our kitchen island last week because our marble had defects in the AzeroCare protectant that comes with the Antolini Marble. The AzeroCare was removed and TuffSkin applied. Both the removal and install were fast and clean….I was worried either process would trash my new kitchen, but there was no mess at all. I am amazed at how ecstatic we are at the finished process! Our stone looks brighter and the natural beauty of the stone has actually improved….what a surprise for us. The colors are more vibrant and varied, and all our people are noticing as well! Additionally, the sample looked a bit shinier than we expected and were a little worried that would bother us. We have a large window adjacent to the stone and several pendants hanging above. It is definitely shinier, but the effect is a more clean and pristine look, not a glare at all. The communication about dates and times with Katie was clear and timely. The installer arrived on time and was a friendly guy. I think this is the very first product endorsement I have ever written. I want to go on record. We were a little skeptical, and are now so very happy we did it. We unreservedly recommend this product.

Mary Trine
Residential Customer

Protect Your Investment

At first, I didn’t understand the process of etching and staining my stone, but after the team explained everything about TuffSkin, I moved forward to protect my investment and I absolutely love it!

Residential Customer

Director of Housekeeping

I want to take this time to thank you and your team for assisting us with our Park MGM & NoMad reopening. If it was not for your partnership, we could have not had such a successful opening as we did. I appreciate your partnership and dedication to our property. I look forward to continuing to work with Tuffskin. Please share my gratitude with the team!

R. Andrade
Director of Housekeeping • Park MGM

Kids and 1 on the way, TuffSkin is a must!

I am OBSESSED with my all white translucent Alaskan Marble! With 3 kids 10 and under and the last little one on the way it was the BEST DECISION EVER!!!! The initial communication with you guys all the way to installation was easy and flawless. I had it installed about 9 months ago. Lot’s of spilled fruit punch, coffee, tomato sauce, wine…you name it, a moist paper towel and it’s gone! even if I forget to wipe it off and go to sleep, just wipe it off with a moist paper towel/cloth next day! I love you guys for keeping my countertops pearl white and me stress and worry free ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and no guys, I am not an employee or in any way associated with Tuffskin! Just giving credit where it’s due ?

Residential Customer

You guys HAVE TO USE ME to convince moms!

“You guys HAVE TO USE ME to convince moms! My kids are 1, 3, 10 and 12yrs! I have white, translucent marble. They pour tomato sauce, lemon juice, red and blue Gatorade, fruit punch (every marble enemy lol) on it, even at night and I don’t see it until in the morning! Not to mention when I cook with turmeric and saffron (scary stains lol) it all comes of with a wet paper towel!!! No expensive marble cleaners, no chemicals… It’s a no brainer! Can you read the excitement? I need to sell for you guys ?”

Residential Customer

Brand New Tops in Minimal Time!

Restoration was required to remove years of soap stains, etching, and scratches to the stone benchtop throughout the amenities of this commercial building. After successful restoration, TuffSkin Gloss was applied in a short period of time with minimal downtown for the business. This has resulted in easier maintenance for the cleaning staff and the appearance of brand new stone tops for the users. TuffSkin did an amazing job which has resulted in less vanity maintenance and a faster cleaning turnaround time. I have been very impressed with TuffSkin and would have no hesitation in recommending the TuffSkin product for any stone surfaces.

Andrew Borg Senior
Project Manager

The look and feel appears unaltered

We just got to our home in Gozzer and, WOW, the countertops look absolutely amazing! The look and feel appears unaltered. Thank you!

Pamela S.
Gozzer, Idaho

Thank you, Thank you!!

WOW!!!! Just a word of praise and shout-out to TuffSkin. I thought I’d have to live with stained, etched, and dull marble forever. I heard about Tuff Skin and took a chance as I had nothing to lose but the cost of the service. I have to say that we are incredibly happy with the work that was performed. The guys arrived on time as promised, they were very professional and left us with absolutely beautiful countertops. Thank you, Thank you!!

Deanna H
Residential Client