Experience You Can Trust

Experience you can trust

Our vision is to be the world leader in etch and stain protection for stone countertops.

Frank and Lelia Friedlander have decades of experience in the protective film business. They developed TuffSkin in 2007 and have refined it into the best marble protection product on the market. TuffSkin is manufactured through an exclusive contract with an ISO 9000 manufacturer in the USA. Frank and Lelia have built a worldwide installation network to insure quality installations anywhere. With this innovative thin film technology they solve the age old problem dated back to the Roman Empire. If Caesar knew about TuffSkin, he’d buy it too.

  • The Management at TuffSkin
    Lelia Friedlander


  • The Management at TuffSkin
    Frank Friedlander


  • The Team at TuffSkin
    Katie Friedlander
    Sales & Business Development
  • The Team at TuffSkin
    Jake Friedlander
    Director of Installation and Training
  • The Team at TuffSkin
    Kelley Kush
  • The Team at TuffSkin
    Kyle Ross
    Global Brand Director
  • The Team at TuffSkin
    Daniel Martinez-Velaso
    TuffSkin Installer