Performance Warranty: TuffSkin is a proprietary structural sealer developed to protect calcium based stone and metal from all etching and staining. The protected surface is warrantied to be acid, alkaline, water and oil-proof for a period of 10 years from the date of installation for any interior residential, commercial or hospitality associated environments.

Product Warranty: TuffSkin products are warrantied for 10 years for interior applications. This warranty specifically covers product against yellowing, blistering or bubbling from the protected surface. Warranty does not include intentional or unintentional scratching or peeling.

Life Expectancy:
TuffSkin is designed to be removable-and-replaceable.

The life expectancy of your TuffSkin purchase is directly related to use. Customers make an aesthetic decision to replace TuffSkin based on normal wear-and-tear and scratches that occur over time. This is equivalent to the decision you would make to refinish un-treated natural stone surfaces on a regular basis due to wear caused from everyday use and the occasional mishap.

TuffSkin has protected over 250,000 surfaces in the last 16 years. Historically, the decision to replace TuffSkin is an aesthetic determination based upon personal preference, whereby hotels replace every 8-10 years, busy restaurants and bars 1-5 years, and residential customers every 4-8 years. Regardless of when the decision to remove-and-replace TuffSkin is made, the performance of TuffSkin remains acid, alkaline, water and oil-proof for as long as TuffSkin is installed on the surface.

Additional Benefits:
TuffSkin is heat resistant, chemical resistant, and greatly reduces impact marks on stone tops. Although TuffSkin will scratch, the protected stone or metal never will.

Cleaning TuffSkin is simple and can be done with soap and water. You may also use any commercial cleaner and/or TuffSkin Protectant to clean the surface. Final cleaning is done with a dry microfiber towel. Do not use abrasives like Comet or Softscrub. Do not scrub with steel wool or scrape with razor blades.

Do not attempt to peel the product away from stone or metal. TuffSkin is made to be replaceable in case of damage. It is possible to peel it back with a knife or a fingernail. TuffSkin peeled away from the stone or metal is intentional damage and is not covered under the warranty.

Use a cutting board. Do not cut, chop, or slice on your counter tops. TuffSkin can be cut and scratched. Respect your beautiful stone and metal tops as if there was no coating. If any section of TuffSkin does scratch, simply call for a removal and replacement service confident your marble itself is not scratched.

Warranty Claims:
Warranty claims are made online at Warranty claims must include original paid invoice and pictures of the warranty issue. In the event the product is found to be defective under this warranty, TuffSkin Surface Protection, LLC will remove the defective film and replace it with new TuffSkin at no charge. For jobs located outside current installer territories, the customer may be responsible for travel and lodging expenses. Liability for loss or damage due to TuffSkin products is limited to the cost of the product sold.