What Is Quartz?

Companies that manufacture quartz countertops have been clever with their naming. The word “quartz” represents one of Earth’s most abundant minerals, composed of silicon and oxygen atoms. Quartz slabs are known as E-stones, or Engineered stones, because they’re actually man made.

So, while companies selling quartz surfaces may claim their product is “pure natural quartz,” it isn’t the most accurate description. Geographically speaking, man-made quartz countertops are not pure natural quartz. Depending on the brand and color, man-made quartz surfaces are between 70% and 93% quartz sand or aggregate, with polyester resin, ethenylbenzene (also known as styrene), pigments, and other additives mixed in.

Quartz Countertops: The Pros & Cons

Quartz countertops are made from incredibly hard materials, making them as durable as they are striking. Compared to marble countertops and other natural stones, quartz slabs tend to be more long-lasting. Because man-made stone is made with Resins and manufactured with volatile chemicals, it wears wonderfully for the first 5 to 10 years. However, it does lose its luster over time.

Natural stones may not be as durable day to day as quartz slabs, but they’re less difficult to restore and refresh. When quartz does begin to wear, it’s typically more cost-effective to simply replace the slab than attempt to revive it.

While some quartz countertops are very practical, other quartz slabs also stain and scratch more easily than their natural stone counterparts. Unlike with marble countertops, if a quartz surface is damaged or heavily stained, it can be fixed but rarely will return to its like-new appearance. With such varying degrees of quality, testing samples is a must when specifying quartz for a project.

Similarly, while natural stone can withstand a fair amount of heat, man-made stone with Resin binders can melt and looked burnt. There is no fix for burnt quartz.

Invest in Protection with a Quartz Countertop Sealer

With TuffSkin surface protection, you can avoid the cost and headache of replacing slabs of quartz due to stains, scratches, and general wear.

TuffSkin is made from 4-mil polyester that offers 100% etch and stain protection. This is something that no other sealer in the world can do.

TuffSkin quartz countertop sealer is also heat resistant, chemical and odor-free, and can be removed or replaced at any time. Choose from either a satin or gloss finish and allow one of our installation specialists to custom cut and fit TuffSkin to your quartz countertop for lasting beauty and peace of mind.

To learn more about quartz countertop protection film, contact TuffSkin Surface Protection today.