What Is Onyx?

Onyx is a fine-grained form of quartz with bands of different colors throughout. These bands are parallel to one another, setting it apart from agate, which features curved bands of color. Due to onyx’s translucent nature, a spectacular effect is created when it is backlit, making it a unique option for bars and restaurants looking to add a little flare and intrigue to their space. The stone is available in numerous colors, including yellow, blue, green, and white, and makes for a strikingly stunning countertop material.

Onyx slabs are works of art millions of years in the making, so it’s no wonder there is so much interest in furnishing homes and businesses all over the world with them. Beyond its visual appeal, onyx is dense in nature and is resistant to scratching, but unfortunately, the calcium base in its makeup causes it to be more susceptible to etching. Onyx countertops aren’t the most practical additions to a home for this reason, and because they tend to crack and chip easily. Fortunately, with the correct maintenance and protection, they can be made serviceable.

Onyx Surface Protective Film

Homeowners would be right to be concerned about the shortcoming of onyx countertops, but TuffSkin offers a solution. Our onyx countertop sealer allows you to enjoy the look of onyx surfaces without sacrificing functionality. With the installation of TuffSkin protective film, you gain 100% etch and stain protection, which is something no other surface sealer in the world can offer.

Custom cut and fitted to your unique countertop shape and size, TuffSkin onyx sealer delivers durability and lasting beauty for decades to come.

To learn more about TuffSkin’s onyx surface protective film, contact us today to request a quote. Need to have your TuffSkin protective film removed or replaced? No problem! Just give us a call and we’ll get everything taken care of for you.