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Why does natural stone etch & stain?

A dive into natural stone.

UNITED STATES – October 1, 2019
Why does natural stone etch & stain?

Etching & staining is an age-old problem that has affected every aspect of the stone industry. Those pesky ring marks, wine stains and lemon marks eat away at the stone and are impossible to clean. Everyone from housekeepers in a hotel to designers who specify marble in homes has dealt with unhappy customers because of the etching & staining problems with stone. 

Why is this so stone so difficult to maintain?

This is because natural stone has high calcium content. When the calcium comes into contact with any acidic substance below 7 on the PH scale (including water, lemon, vinegar etc.) a chemical reaction happens and it deteriorates the stone. In the case of wine or oil stains, this is because stone is porous and the substance soaks in beyond the surface level.

Why Does TuffSkin Protect?

TuffSkin is the best solution for marble etching & staining problems because we have created a liquid impermeable barrier between the stone and anything that can damage it. Conceptually like a screen protector for your phone, except on marble. TuffSkin is also gas permeable, which allows the stone to breathe and not damage it. We are not a liquid or gel product, we are a high tech polyester film that has been specifically designed to maintain stone.
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